About Nattokinn

Nattokinn® is a dietary supplement, gastro-resistant capsule that contains fibrinolytic enzyme nattokinase (NSK-SD®) and folic acid. Nattokinase dissolves blood clots, lowers blood pressure and reduces atherosclerosis.

Nattokinn® Dosage and Administration

Nattokinn® gastro-resistant capsule contains nattokinase NSK-SD® (100 mg, or 2000 FU – fibrinolytic units) and folic acid (200 µg) in form of L-methylfolate calcium. Recommended dose is one to two capsules daily taken with 200 ml of water. People with diabetes can use Nattokinn®.

Treatment Duration

Nattokinn® is a dietary supplement, therefore the treatment duration cannot be defined. Minimum treatment duration should be two months. Note: dietary supplements do not replace healthy and well-balanced diet.

Additional Caution Needed

Before taking Nattokinn® the caution is needed, along with the consultation with the physician in cases of:

  • higher risk of bleeding
  • taking oral anticoagulant therapy
  • lower blood pressure

* Consult your physician before taking Nattokinn®.

Nattokinn® cannot replace prescribed anticoagulant therapy.

Surgical interventions increase the risk of bleeding. Therefore, it is recommended to stop taking nattokinase at least two weeks before the planned surgical procedure.